Monday, July 22, 2013

Strawberry Days

For me, the Strawberry Festival makes the half-way through summer mark. I love taking pictures of the color and shapes in the parade.

            This year the Scot's came along and added Bag Pipes to the mix of sound. A good parade always has Pipers.

       Unique to our community is The Thriftway Drill Team. We have an emeritus member in our own family.

      The highlights are the Grands who wave and appreciate the cheers. Miss Maggie has appeared in several Shakespeare plays this year and walked in the Midsummer Night group.

              The Sawbones float is important to my community since so many are employed there.

                                    The Moonbeam is still small enough to pull through the parade.

           Drill Teams get cuter and cuter every year. This year the Garden Club Drill Team was my personal favorite.

                    Would you give a singing telegram? The WSF will deliver and make someone smile.

                                       The Pony Club is always horsing around in the line-up.

          I saw this business last year and thought these coops were terrific. What a great idea for a second home.

                         The winner of the "statement award" was the genetically modified corn cob. 

                Last, but not least, was the solar powered bike. It is, hands down, the better solution.

                                                           Last year's pictures are here.

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