Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Cousins Have Arrived

The cousins from Phoenix have arrived and are becoming Washingtonians at last. While their new mainland house closes they are living with us. The house is filled with chortling and expressions of delight. In the morning we get out the bag of stuffed animals and sing, "When ------ get up in the morning they always say------------". Fill in the blanks with appropriate animals and sounds.

    I thought I knew how to baby proof a house but I forgot that a one-year old finds anything, the smaller the better, and chews, rips, and generally takes it it apart.

    The girls think I have a playground in my backyard and that all my toys are super cool. Miss Emmaline is quite concerned for the cactus which has become yellow. She wants me to make it better. Being a desert baby does connect you with certain plant life.

    The cousins are very glad to be together and getting to know one another. I did not have cousins my age so I find the carnival of cousins very interesting to watch.

    So far everyone seems to be happy and satisfied. My son is wonderful about taking the girls on outings several times a day. They are very interested in the beach and each day we have more seashells to clean and sort through. July is a grandchildren month and I am okay with that.

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