Sunday, September 8, 2013

Class Engagement

   You may have a child in your class who just won't engage. I can take talking, silliness, and not paying attention but I really worry about non-engagement. Variety in activities is the strongest attraction to a non-participant. Some children need to do things with their hands. They are often very creative and crave some action with materials. Cutting, pasting, writing and drawing, if these have meaning, can pull a reluctant learner into the spotlight. With our class journals I provide a variety of hands-on supplies. This week we have folds that open when we find the missing words in our scriptures.

     Inside the folded cardboard are vocabulary words to learn. After some discussion the definition is written under the answer.

     Each journal has a personality of it's creator. My boys are just as eager to work with their books as the girls.

    I don't worry about handwriting or perfection; I just expect involvement in the activity.

         Next week we are using different folds to reveal the important question of the week.

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