Friday, September 27, 2013

Illustrating the Book of Mormon- Alma 43-50

For years I wanted to know what learning by faith was as written about in section 88 in the Doctrine and Covenants. I understood learning by study but what was the process to learn by faith?  Elder David Bednar cleared that up for me when he gave a memorable talk in 2007 to Institute and Seminary teachers. 
    "Faith as the evidence of things not seen looks to the past and confirms our trust in God and our confidence in the truthfulness of things not seen. We stepped into the darkness with assurance and hope, and we received evidence and confirmation as the light in fact moved and provided the illumination we needed. The witness we obtained after the trial of our faith (see Ether 12:6) is evidence that enlarges and strengthens our assurance.
Assurance, action, and evidence influence each other in an ongoing process. This helix is like a coil, and as it spirals upward it expands and widens. These three elements of faith—assurance, action, and evidence—are not separate and discrete; rather, they are interrelated and continuous and cycle upward. And the faith that fuels this ongoing process develops, evolves, and changes. As we again turn and face forward toward an uncertain future, assurance leads to action and produces evidence, which further increases assurance. Our confidence waxes stronger, line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little."
  The whole talk is here. Since reading the talk I am always looking for thIs model in the scriptures. There is a wonderful example in Alma. This foldable could be a great way to record the scripture search in this chapter. Cut a 7 inch square and fold one inch around the square where you can glue the square to a larger paper..

   Draw a line from corner to corner and starting in the middle pierce the center and cut along the lines. Now you have four flaps that open.

   Give the students a block of scriptures and had them look for the assurances, actions, and evidences that Helaman's army discovered through learning by faith.

The chapter is a wonderful read and making this multi-dimensional graphic cements the learning.

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