Friday, September 20, 2013

Learning a New Skill

     A young woman in my church volunteered to teach a class about book binding this week. I have a small weakness for empty books so I looked forward to see this hands-on process.

   Every participant had all their materials in front of them, organized and complete. The task of teaching 15 women simultaneously was a grand effort. Lets face it, no matter how old we are when it comes to doing new things, we all feel a bit vulnerable. I loved being able to pick my cover paper. When I spied the white on black dots I knew I would love my book.

The end result was not only to make our book, but to write in our book the insights and inspirations we receive from God. Our instructor started us with a few pages scriptures and thoughts about the importance of writing things down.

    My journals have some amazing stories in them and I found one from two years ago.

     May 29,2011
         I've been with my brother and sister-in-law for the last three weeks. Today I had a profound experience with my deceased mother. We were sitting in church, my brother was on my right side. I felt this strong urge to put my arms around him. I fought against this desire because it seemed strange. The  impulse became stronger and as I rationalized my inaction, the speaker caught my attention from the pulpit by saying, "Do not put off the desires you know to be right." At this point I became aware of my mother's spirit, longing to hold her son in her arms to shield him from pain and hardship. She communicated some guilt for the loss of his eye, as a child, during the Second World War. I knew she was aware of his struggles with his other eye. She pressed me to vicariously give him her love, unreservedly. I finally did so and later in the day unburdened my knowledge to him of my feelings from our mother. She let me feel her pleasure at seeing her children together, caring for each other.

                    I am grateful for a new experience which propels me to do more with the written word.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed our evening, even though it got a little crazy.


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