Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Treasures and Morning Lines

    Each autumn I ponder about a group of blossoms that spring out of the ground. Forcing their way through blackberry vines, they make a grand entrance. They look like crocus but I can't believe they would come this time of year.

Until I read that there is a autumn variety. Amazing!

We are renting a new piece of art. This little piece has the look of a woodcut but is not. Painted by Ted Kutscher, it is a brief glimpse onto a French street.

    Lastly, I have a new installment of the Armand Gamache series. This is the kind of book that I read slowly to make it last. I already have some favorite quotes. Here are some Morning Lines;

   "Isabelle Lacoste saw how the rot started. How it happened, not overnight, but by degrees. A small doubt broke the skin. Then an infection set in. Questioning. Critical. Cynical. Distrustful."

   "But, like peace, comfort didn't come from hiding away or running away. Comfort first demanded courage."

   "Sounds like being a therapist. People normally come into my office because something happened. Someone had died, or betrayed them. Their love wasn't reciprocated. They'd lost a job. Gotten divorced. Something big. But the truth was, while that might've been the catalyst, the problem was almost always tiny and old and hidden."

   "He knew, as a man used to fear, the great danger of letting it take control. It distorted reality. Consumed reality. Fear created it's own reality."

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