Sunday, October 20, 2013

First Day Of Class

   My e-mail inbox has all the links for the first day of class. Before I click I need to write down what I think I might learn from taking this course based on "The Gifts Of Imperfection" by Brene Brown. Ten days ago, when I paid for the class I was very excited to begin. After reading the forward to her book I wrote down the questions she asked herself about the wholehearted people she interviewed. I have those same questions.

What did these folks value?
How did they create all of this resilience in their lives? 
What were their main concerns and how did they resolve or address them? 
Can anyone create a Wholehearted life? 
What does it take to cultivate what we need? 
What gets in the way?

Brown, Brene (2010-09-20). The Gifts of Imperfection

   I will refer back to these questions as I journey through these next six weeks. My good friend handed me this leaf as we commented on the amazing color of her bush. The leaf, which had fallen to the ground, was waxy and firm. I noted the wholehearted color, the connected veins reaching outward, and the imperfections. This will be the symbol of my journey. In the autumn of my life I desire firmness, wholehearted color, healthy veins that reach outward to connect, and belief that my imperfections will be made perfect through my faith in Jesus Christ.

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