Monday, December 2, 2013

Can Less Really Be More?

  Yesterday was a Fast Sunday in my church. I am not very good at fasting and now knowing that I use food to numb my uncomfortable feelings, i.e.; stress, tiredness, and insecurity, I am more aware that fasting is challenging. I wanted to experiment yesterday. If numbing with food helps to feel less, I wondered if fasting could make me feel more? So, I listened to myself.

    I think we are intended to listen to ourselves. If we fast amidst a hectic schedule, time passes and the fast is over, but if it is true that we can feel more when stomaches are empty then we must do less during the fast. The time passed slower, especially the hours I normally prepare food and clean up. I picked up my crocheting to keep my hands busy. I had some uncomfortable moments seeing some things in my life that were not genuine. I noticed those feelings grow into conviction rather than self-criticizing. I ended my fast feeling very happy. I think the answer to my question is yes. Fasting can aid you in feeling more.

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