Friday, December 20, 2013

Recent Art Journal Entries

I've been dabbling in Mixed Media lately. I love the paint, textures, and lettering options. Watching You Tube tutorials gives me a foundation to try my hand at this type of artwork.

                       Going to an art supply store is better than a bakery but more costly. Doing art it is an alternative to mindless eating. I always feel so quiet during being upstairs in my "art studio".

     Recent acquisitions of art supplies include gelato sticks, stencils, art pens in gold and silver, and washi tape. I am ripping up old music and books for texture.

    Someone gave me a copy of sheet music from the 50's. The music inside disappeared long ago but the front page was still intact. If I can't play Rhapsody in Blue I can still use it as artwork.

   On an old board which I had used to decoupage my son's six year old picture, I recreated a new version with his two children. I included a little note I carried around for years which thanked us, his parents, for being good examples to him. It is a little scary to gift this to him at Christmas because, you know, he might think it is tacky. But I hope it is a keepsake with meaning.

    "Creativity is an expression, much like talking, seeing, feeling. Just as in any other means of expression, we can tap into our vulnerabilities, embrace them and create deeply meaningful work that will connect with the deepest parts of ourselves and others. Embracing our vulnerability creates a moment in time for us to get really honest with ourselves, both in our creative lives and our personal lives. Once you express this in your creations, your personal life will feel lighter. You’ll feel the weight of a burden releasing itself. Why? Because you’ve created a healthy and meaningful release of its expression in your work."

Roberts, Kelly Rae (2008-09-02). Taking Flight: Inspiration And Techniques To Give Your Creative Spirit Wings

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