Friday, December 6, 2013

With The Fixed Foot Planted, Let The Searching Foot Soar

I have a new inspirational image. The compass has two points, or feet, one which stays firmly planted while the other foot is flexible and can extend to different points. Our explorations of ideas and concepts can be more effective if one foot is firmly holding to what we know is real. Our searching foot is then able to able to move around, sight-seeing how others express their beliefs and show their faith.

   I have been blessed by taking my searching foot with me as I participated in the Brene Brown "Gifts of Imperfection" online class. I understood the material, but what I did not fully anticipate was the sharing community which formed online. So many honest expressions of hope and willingness to change, were shared. I was inspired by the art. It really is powerful to put pictures to thoughts. As ideas came into my head I found my pencil, paints, and scissors, and jumped into the process. A quietness came over me and I was lost in the physical dance between color and surface. My art journal is continuing, without doubt. I look forward to the next class in April. Between these weeks I desire to keep reading Brene's book and coming up with my own journal prompts. Thanks to Michael S. Wilcox for the metaphor of the compass. I am reading his book and using my searching foot, with him as a guide. Thanks Phyllis, for lending me his book.

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