Monday, January 20, 2014

Heart In Art

All my life I've looked for an outlet to calm my feelings. Playing the piano helps, but it is difficult at times in the learning stage. Reading is wonderful but it can be difficult to keep my wandering thoughts at bay. Painting is by far the best way to access my heart.

Years ago I would never have believed I would be teaching my grandchildren to play the piano. But, so it is. And, never would I imagine painting with them on a regular basis. Getting out the art supplies happens all the time.

Last week I had my grandchildren repeat after me, "I am working on my artist skills. I am not perfect. But, I am enough for today."

     They believe it and go forward spreading color on every corner of their page. I try to share some of my new techniques, using the correct terms.

    I keep a file of their work and we have enough to look through them and see our progress. They will be art journalling soon.

   I am so grateful to my father for showing me an example of an adult who loved sketching. My Brene Brown class opened another door to trusting my instincts. I go happily upstairs to paint every day.

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