Monday, March 3, 2014

Digging Into the Scriptures

    We are making progress towards more scriptural understanding in my Primary 6 class. My goals are to take them from the finding stage to the analysis stage. Occasionally I throw in some application questions when the answers seem to be right before our eyes. To help in the finding process we:

  1. Sing the Old Testament Books out of the Children's Songbook. I would like them to be acquainted with the names and have an idea of the order of the Old Testament. Yesterday we decided there would be a prize for the person who could sing the song alone perfectly.
  2. Memorize several scriptures each month. So far Abraham 3:28 and Moses 6:7 are being recited each week. The Abraham scripture is used to evaluate how people are tested and how well they keep commandments. The Moses scripture will be ongoing to show the power of a repentant people and how they respond to each other.
  3. I use many open scriptures in their journal which they must close by finding the missing words.

                                               You can find the journal prompts for each week here.

                                 We loved popping up the city of Enoch. More about pop-ups here.
To help in the analysis process we:
     1. We search short verses and evaluate the information by drawing out differences and similarities. For example;

                                        In these verses did the person obey, listen, or believe?

        2.   We search in the footnotes for added insights. For example next week we will look at the footnote for name in this verse.
   Abraham 1:16 And his voice was unto me: Abraham, Abraham, behold, my name is Jehovah, and I have heard thee, and have come down to deliver thee, 
        In the footnote Jehovah and Jesus Christ will be listed side by side to be searched in the topical guide. I will ask them to analyze the reason for that.
   I am always curious what skills I can teach. My students have never disappointed me in their abilities.

     We do have fun. Last week we learned to listen and obey by learning to make a paper boat, Noah's boat was undecidedly more complicated.

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