Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Love of God

    A new painting e-course has started in my life. The genre I am fascinated with is called Mixed Media Collage.

      I find myself bounding up the stairs to do a few new doodles on my "in process" painting. I have a few ideas that need to be out and on a canvas. The Love of God is a painting I saw in my head and I almost nailed it. It comes from Nephi's Vision in the Book of Mormon. Apparently when a God teaches mortal man about his plan he uses physical senses to deepen the concepts. The tree was a visual feast for Nephi as well as a symbol with many layers of meaning in his spiritual knowledge. The fruit was delicious. Did he taste it? The virgin in Nazereth was beautiful and her sweet baby was precious to behold.

   I marvel at the spiritual insight Nephi possessed to make the leap that the condescension of Jesus coming as an infant and the Tree of life represented the love of God. My artwork helped me understand.

     I love this passage of scripture more than ever before. Truly, we are blessed with our physical senses and there is much to learn by doing, seeing, and feeling.

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