Sunday, April 6, 2014

Healing Scars

       Some new light is rising in my life. I am so glad I went out on the edge to do the "Gifts of Imperfection" e-course and the painting e-course. Both classes stretched my creative soul. I am currently doing the second half of the "Gifts" class. The first guidepost this week, entitled, "I am a creative being", fit like a glove considering all the painting I've been doing. Healing scars in my creative life was the most beneficial exercise this week.

    The assignment was to write down the false perceptions I have concerning being creative. Then cover them with band-aids to start the healing. Here are the ones that resonated in my heart.

  • art requires perfection  just paint over it and try again
  • you are not talented enough  "they" don't know your potential
  • why make art when so many are more talented than you   you make art because it heals you
  • you are not patient enough   put the work down and come back later
  • no one around you makes art  dare to be different and invite others to join you
  • art is only a way to get validation extend yourself to others while you share your art
   This list really makes sense to me. I used some of these mantras while I worked on a big canvas. Picking up a free painting just to reclaim the canvas was bold, but it worked out to be the best decision, ever. Filling a space 20 by 24 is much different that 9 by 14 and applying paint to cover the original took effort.

    My inspiration was a picture of my maternal grandmother. I tried to capture her serenity and strength.  Her fruit was courage, perseverance, and commitment. As a seamstress, she sewed for us all, but also for herself. Her clothes always had lace around the edges to give her a feminine look.

         To finish this painting required starting over and covering the lettering, repainting her face, and  adding texture and new color three times. I love where it is today. I also love that I can see the original peeking through in many places. I know the artist who first covered this canvas. I respect and honor her and in no way wanted to discredit her work, but I wanted to reclaim the space and add my own vision. This all helped to start the healing and I am committed to my creative life.

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