Friday, April 25, 2014

Primary Days

  I don't know how long I will have the good fortune to teach my 7-9 year-olds in Primary. They are truly wonderful children. We have finished our three month journal and we all love the new additions.

   Each week week we fill out a journey page as the lesson closes. This is available here and I am so grateful for this gift. Providing continuity from week to week, these glue-ins give my students a quick review of what we just learned and more review when we look through our journals later.

   We still love pop-ups. Here Enoch helps his people to repent and they are embraced into heaven.

   A new addition to our journal pages come from The Redheaded Hostess. They are not free but the small cost is fair to keep the resources available from talented thinkers and artists. These glue-ins and worksheets have moved us to a new level of scripture study. We enjoyed creating Abraham's altar of sacrifice as the sobering story of the sacrifice of Issac unfolded. They tied the sacrifice of God's son to this story almost immediately.

     We now read blocks of verses and are going beyond the finding part of scripture study into the analysis stage. Some of their insights are amazing.

     I am moved to find how eager children are to learn and work for light and truth. I firmly believe that children deserve to be engaged in the gospel of Jesus Christ. This engagement gives the Holy Ghost opportunities to testify and reveal the hand of God in all the lives of his children.

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