Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm On Call; Is He?

     Most days I am caring for five grandchildren and their mom, who is mending with a broken leg. My expected twin grandchildren could come at any time, as well. I feel like I'm on call. To be on call means to be waiting but ready with a plan of action. I find myself escaping into a good book when it's quiet. So, I'm wondering if God feels like He is on call. Here we are, His children with a myriad of life experiences, praying to Him when we feel helpless. In the good times He does a lot of waiting while we forget to thank Him for glorious, smooth sailing weather. Then the call comes. We need help, now. I so appreciate that He "says love" most of the time. When I hear or read His words I let them embrace me. 

    The words we say to each other are powerful. Truly we wrap them around our hearts when they are kind and uplifting. Unfortunately we also wrap them around us when the words we hear are harsh and cruel. I am monitoring what I say, carefully, these days. And I am not complaining about being on call. Noting what goes through my mind is my way of keeping above water. It helps me stay in ready mode. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1.'s just a temporary situation for now....however, since we are mothers and grandmothers we will always be on call....same song different verse!

  2. Visiting here from FMF. I enjoyed your post! So often we do treat God like He's "on call" - just calling Him in an emergency. It takes a focussed effort to go to Him daily in all circumstances when it's not the prevailing habit. :)

  3. Hi, I just came across your blog through FMF. I love the words but especially love the image. Did you design it or find it somewhere. I would love to use it also if it is not under copywrite.

    Take care.


    1. Thank-you Heather for your appreciation of my journal page. This page uses the words of a song, "Say Love" by Hilary Weeks. You'd love her song, I'm sure. The art is mine, if you could give me credit I would be happy for you to use it.


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