Sunday, May 4, 2014

Inspiring Artists

I made a creativity goal a few weeks back. I wanted to visit some artists studios. One of the loveliest in my community is the studio of Ilse and Hartmut Reimnitz. With two large rooms facing south, the light is fabulous. 

  Their son does metal sculpture. This tree with birds is just one of the many installations around their property.

          This chest of drawers is so inviting. I want to open each drawer and forage for drawings.

    I noticed all the natural art Ilse hangs around her room to inspire her. Tree branch filigree, dried flowers, leaves, and rocks hang and lie close to her workspace.

                          I enjoyed her pots of brushes with twigs and feathers intermeshed.

     In comparison, my studio faces north. but I love coming here as much as any artist who has a space set aside for beauty and creativity.

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