Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stillness and Light

   I have been chasing after kids. Literally, I have been following them around holding them accountable for what their mother asks of them. It is hard work. So, today I needed stillness. The best way to get stillness when you have four children with you is to take them into the forest. Much the same happens at the beach. Nature caresses, soothes, and lulls the loud right out of us. I told my grandchildren that I had an intention today. I intended to see and feel the light.

     Light plays hide and seek in the forest. It illuminates and then moves on to another spot. Always roving through branches, leaves, and bush. I bring up the rear of a gang of hikers who are remarkably peaceful, if not totally quiet.

    We listen for birds, smell the musty raindrops which fell hours before, and always follow the light.

    My favorite forest trail is the Fisher Pond Nature Preserve. I like seeing how it changes from season to season. The salmon berries are gone. We missed the window of opportunity to forage on their sweetness. But, huckleberries and blackberries are coming soon.

    I forget the soothing balm offered by the natural world. My overburdened mind finds such comfort in trees and especially the ever changing shine of the sun. Mother Earth and Father Sun have been here forever. I have existed forever, as well.

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