Saturday, July 12, 2014


             This dive into art wasn't sudden. Every decade I pulled out my pencils and sketchbook and started the process of making images. Drawing was the least expensive, so I felt safe messing around with the desire but little confidence that I had a goal. I believe in the past I sought after approval more than growth. So, the desire gave way to other less time intensive pursuits.

      But, when I turned sixty I was serious. I took a class and invested in canvas, paint, and ephemera. Then the learning curve started. My first paintings had elements of other artist's work. I was copying but that was a beginning.

     I found results in my artwork that have nothing to do with end process. Detail work never attracted me but I found myself doing small, tedious work and liking the calm that comes.

            Words play a big part in my art. The marriage of ideas and images is most inspiring to me. I find nuances of big concepts in an image and a simple word can bring the whole story together.

        Last week my friend Rebecca asked if she could photograph me in a work setting for a class project. I found her presence reassuring as she asked questions about my paintings. Her photographs blew me away. She captured the fun I have when I go upstairs to play.

The latest paintings have a new look. They draw me closer to what I feel is still deep inside. I"ll be excited to see what will emerge in six more months.

          I think this art thing is a keeper. No day has gone by that I have not thought about what I what to paint. Very few days have passed without an hour or two in the studio.
     I owe I debt of gratitude to:
  1. My Dad who showed me how art kept a person mentally healthy.
  2. My husband who keeps listening.
  3. Brené Brown who offered a art journal class which changed my life.
  4. Kelly Rae Roberts whose class gave me a foundation and a community to share within.

                             Truly there is joy in my life and I hope it translates on canvas.

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