Thursday, July 31, 2014

Is Vulnerability A Good Thing?

       Why is vulnerability the center of meaningful human experiences?
         In my opinion it can reveal a pathway to openness and "other awareness". But that happens only if a choice is made to turn outward.

       What does vulnerability feel like?
       It feels as if time slows down during vulnerability. Futurizing is impossible. Things feel out of control. Self-conciousness creeps up and takes a front row seat. This uncomfortable awareness of reality can highjack a positive outcome.

What do you do with vulnerability?
   I'd like to get control over the feeling. But, since that is impossible the best thing to do is to submit to the free fall and turn outwards toward others. When I concentrate on others the feeling becomes encased in positiveness.

When do you feel most vulnerability?
    When I risk doing something new or I become a novice again. I feel vulnerability when something happens that was unforeseen or unplanned. I feel it when I ask for, or receive criticism. I even feel it when I receive praise. I feel it when I go somewhere alone.

How would you you define vulnerability in terms of what it is not?
  It is not secure. It is not a guarantee of happiness. It cannot be controlled. It is not bestowed upon a certain kind of person. It is not devastating. It is not a feeling to be avoided at all costs. More thoughts on this subject.

Like inconsequential seeds, vulnerability packs a power house of growth and development.

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