Monday, July 7, 2014

Love The Place I Live

  I live on a crazy beautiful island in the Puget Sound. The clear mornings can make my heart stop with the color show over the water.

     Another act in the show of clear mornings might be the chance to see this majestic volcano in the distance. The word "clear" is important to my descriptions because, truth be told, it is often cloudy. On those days theses wonders of earth and sky are hidden behind a fuzzy blanket of gray.

   Our rural setting brings creatures right to my front door. This summer I have twins coming around. They look so sweet and innocent but they are after my rose and fuchsia bushes. I get so frustrated with these beasties.

    We are an artist community. Right on the US Bank building artist William Forrester painted the history of our island. Depicted are our first settlers who landed on our shores, then the farmers who civilized the forests, and also those that founded the first US Bank.

    Not to be forgotten are the many musicians, who are always present at community gatherings, who are lined up in the painting like music notes on a staff. I love this mural. It encourages me to express myself as an artist and as a musician.

     Sunsets are equal to the sunrise, especially when coming home on a ferry after a long day on the mainland. We came here as an experiment, twenty five years ago. I might be ready to claim this rock in the middle of the sea, my home.


  1. what a lovely glimpse! Beautiful!

  2. Woah. That sunrise shot is amazing. What a gorgeous place to live.


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