Friday, July 25, 2014

My Five Senses

      I feel inspired to write about my appreciation for my five senses. I cannot begin to give justice to the amazing blessing these physical senses provide. My thoughts turned here when I was reading Susan Branch's book "A Fine Romance". Her ability to write brought me to England to see, hear, touch smell, and taste the countywide.

    The artist's eye sees differently. Light is differentiated from dark by tiny degrees. Lines are interspersed between open spaces. Colors come through the eyes and change feelings and attitudes.

   My eyes look wider now. I stop for visual drama and try to feel the display that nature provides. What I see can heal me from inward preoccupation.

My hearing is challenged by the music I listen to and play on the piano. Just lately I've been listening to the voices in Variation No.22 of Bach's Goldberg Suite. I am touched by the reverence in the harmony notes as they carry the melody to a new sacred place.
Touching natural plants, rocks, and shells made my hands feel like they can play the piano keys with more gentleness.

     There is such variety of textures in nature. The smooth things are examples of living under pressure and change. They once started rough and jagged. But water, light and wind have worked on them to change their very essence. I take solace in that process.

I learned a lot from my little friend Marlee. She touched everything in and out of the water. With inquisitive hands she processed the new and old.

    Not to forget smell. I have renewed my love of essential oils. There are some oils that smell of healing. They were given to me shortly after hospital visits. Their aroma are just as etched in my mind and any picture or word.

    I have not forgotten taste. I struggle with becoming more refined in my tastes. I wish I could learn to eat more slowly. I shall do more to heighten that sense. This physical body is such a blessing.

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  1. I never knew you were such an artist! I love your neatness!


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