Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More I-Phone Photography

 from my Big Class Photography Project 2
The Silhouette 

A silhouette is the dark shape or outline visible against a lighter background. When shooting, place the subject in front of the light source and touch the I-Phone screen on the light area to focus on the light.

   Isolate your subject so that it does not merge into other shapes. Look for strong, easily identifiable shapes.

The Landscape

A landscape photograph can evoke emotion and tell a story. Bring your horizon line a little higher or lower than the middle and keep the horizon straight. The grid on the I-Phone can really help. This beach scene at Pt. Pobinson was so epic when surrounded by the amazing moving clouds and the contrasting sand. 

While driving along the main highway south after leaving Burton I stopped for my favorite beach house. The subject you photograph should be in the left or right third quadrant, not in the middle. Using the Snapseed camera app I applied the HDR effect for the drama and detail in these photos.

Vantage Point
   Finding an unusual vantage point to shoot your picture makes for great composition. I was under the metal giraffe in town to capture his awesome structure.

    The straight on shot sometimes means getting on the floor. I set the phone on it's side and snapped the scene of two cousins at play. Lots of negative space leads the eye to the subject.

   Shooting from above tells a different story. Here I am standing on my bench showing my open music through the piano light. I used an app to give the picture a vintage look to highlight the age of the Bach music.

  This shot under my house was literally on my back. I love the clouds and my umbrella off in the corner. I love the vantage point assignments!


The assignment to find shapes in my pictures was very interesting. Here Olea climbs the steps of the slide at a playground and stops to see out of the hole. I was fast on the draw to capture this one.

    The Bakery Nouveau just begs for a photo shoot. The circle shapes enliven the heart and the calorie count.

    When Shea and I were walking through town we stopped to admire these tires. Lots of circles here with a sprinkle of triangles.

   This class is bringing me back to my camera and giving me some new adventures. More assignments are coming.

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