Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Synopsis

    This week I practiced my habits of happiness with full involvement. There are many weeks that go by when I just cannot get one habit into gear. Moving through yoga stretches has been wonderful this week. I wonder why I resist doing the very things that make my life easier? I am back to using my Lose  It! App and it does make me more responsible to nourish my body effectively.

     Serving in my women's organization gives me many opportunities to meet new people and make new connections. I'm learning that serving has many faces. Sometimes it takes doing physical work to help someone else cope with a difficult situation and often it is being available to listen to the concerns of a valued friend. My study habit has a strong focus as I am teaching in church tomorrow. I do love teaching but still go through hot and cold feelings as I consider what will be appropriate and how capable I am to deliver the message through the Holy Ghost. I do have to rely on prayer to magnify my study effectiveness.

   And, creating is still a major draw. This week I used a puzzle box as inspiration to try my hand at watercoloring. I feel pleased with my efforts and will try to do more.

   My goals are carrying over from season to season. I can, with confidence, revise my opinion that I am unable to finish anything.  Enough about me, what is good with you?

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