Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Feather In The Wind

I am a feather in the wind, up and down again. I've been to some amazing places in my mind but I have also struggled with darkness. These feathers remind me that being thankful brings me back.

  I made a thankfulness banner. Each day in November I will look around and see. The feathers will hold my thoughts of gratitude. I started with Distress Inks by dabbing them on my craft paper. A little spritz of water activates the ink.

      I lay each piece of water color paper on the ink. Sometimes I just hold it there. Other times I smear. There is no wrong way. 

 The feathers are connected on twine and hung on my mantle.

   Waiting to hold all my gratitude in the coming month, I think I will have a chance to be more mindful and present.

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