Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Door Opens Upon Which I Did Not Knock

       In life we celebrate the opportunities that come along. Some of these are planned and executed with willpower but others come unexpectedly.

   This week a door opened which I didn't knock upon. It came from an invitation my son issued to me. As I heard him mention that one of the island business needed an artist to show in their store at the First Friday Gallery Walk I had two pathways open before my eyes. I could laugh and feel it to be a preposterous idea or I could embrace the blessing and flow where it leads.

     I made the leap of faith. The owner Lorna liked my work and so I whirled into the process that comes with preparing art to be exposed to the world.

                    I am so grateful to know I have friends who would support me and be happy for me.

                        I am grateful for my son thinking my art was good enough to share.

     On the day before Thanksgiving, my friend Garna allowed me to put all the panels on her kitchen table and sort them into groups.

    I was taken back by seeing them together, This represents a year of joy. A year of imagining, playing, and letting failure move me forward to trying new things. I feel blessed. Come by and visit me, please.

First Friday Gallery Cruise
Friday December 5, 2014
Intuitive Arts Center
17331 Vashon Highway


  1. Oh, I am so very happy for you!!!! Well done you!! [It takes a lot of courage to display your work to the public like this, especially such personal art. I'm so happy for you! [You've given me a but more courage today, just reading your post, THANK YOU!!!!]

  2. Thank-you, Helen. I so appreciate your visits and encouraging words.


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