Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Almost Four Years

          On January 1, 2011 I started a blog entitled Back On The Floor Again. Writing and documenting with pictures filled my need to process my life experiences, share with my family important events, and try my hand at reaching out into the world of the internet. I was encouraged by others, mostly younger women, who enriched me with their stories about living.

    Once or twice a year I have my blog posts made into a paperback book. I would like to think my grandchildren might read my stories and find themselves in pictures and descriptions. Perhaps my children will understand my motivations when they browse through the pages. I offer insight into teaching, summaries of books and ideas that motivate me, my art ventures, and most important my testimony of Jesus Christ.
   It doesn't take too much time to write a post. Most of the ideas are formed in my head before I power up the computer. Pictures seem to be waiting in my file because I love taking pictures. My enthusiasm has not waned. It's surprising to me that I look forward to a good spout of information coming from my head and my heart.
   I attract most people to my blog for the posts I wrote about teaching LDS Seminary for eight years. Three thousand visitors have come to read about Freshman Day. The pictures are so adorable of my little teenage class. Two of them are graduating this year. I also get many hits on my post about Eeyores and Tiggers. The premise of that post was that I find myself taking an opposite view when I come across an extreme personality. If I face an Eeyore, I'll want to be a Tigger. Understanding this post does require that you know Winnie The Pooh.
   I don't have a following to speak of. Just some friends who pop in to catch up. But, my desire to blog was not to attract attention, just be more attentive to my own live experiences.


  1. Ooh, what a great idea to print your posts out! Off to explore your 'Pooh' post....[we love Winnie Pooh in our home!]

  2. Thanks Helen. Are you a Tigger of an Eeyore?


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