Friday, November 7, 2014


I read a fair bit of my books on line, but there is nothing like turning the page of a new book. The smell of the binding and ink is reassuring and comforting. I received a new book in the mail from Budapest, Hungary yesterday. A birthday gift from my son-in-law and daughter. It was handmade by an artisan to record my new favorite passion,

   A beautiful sketch book requires some serious compositions. It may be a bit intimidating to put my lines and shapes in such a book. There is however a gracious invitation to record what I love and see with my fledgling artist eyes. Much like playing a Minuet or Boure√© on a modern piano.

The artisan's business card takes me back to times when everything was handmade and books were precious. Turning a page was savored and saved until the requirements of daily work were accomplished.

I do so love the binding in red leather. The tactile joy of holding the spine is luxurious. 

So, page one is waiting. I have turned the page. Pencil or brush? Should hands or hearts be the first subject?

I write on Fridays with a large group who inspire me. Only five minutes and without much thought to perfection. I write, prompted by one word that sends my thoughts to the keyboard and hopefully make sense.


  1. That is such a lovely book! Turning pages is also one activity that I enjoy the most. ;)

    Have a lovely Friday!


  2. Gorgeous book! I love the red binding. I think your first page could be writing a short story about how and when you obtained the book and what you plan to use it for. It will be a treasure to be enjoyed for sure...


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