Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome To My Tutorial

  I must be going through a second childhood because I love doing art and crafting with anyone, especially my grandchildren. Lately we have crafted homemade stickers. I just need to teach you how, too.
   First you need;

  1. wax paper
  2. wash tape, varied patterns and colors
  3. scissors
  4. pictures of objects with minimal detail
  Start by cutting a 3 by 3 square of waxed paper, you don't need to be accurate and it may be bigger to accommodate your sticker size. Fold in half, vertical to horizontal.

    Next, open your paper and fold the crease back on itself to make a seam. That seam will be cut open along the very top to peel away the sticker from the wax paper.

   Lay the wax paper over your image and trace around it with a felt tip pen.

    Cover the entire image with wash tape, overlapping the edges. You can use different color takes or just one color.

    Cut out your image carefully.

     Slit the little seam along the top when you want to apply your sticker and peel away the waxed paper. Keep the waxed paper on if your want to save them for later use.

   You can skip the image and free hand create a sticker right on the waxed paper if you feel so inspired. The little tree below was created like that.

   Wow! I had to write this tutorial in 5 minutes. I hope you try it with someone who loves to create.

I write on Fridays with a large group who inspire me. Only five minutes and without much thought to perfection. I write, prompted by one word that sends my thoughts to the keyboard and hopefully make sense.


  1. What a great project to do with little kids! Have a lovely Friday!
    - Melissa @ Measi's Musings

  2. Ooh, we'll be doing this one! Great! Love the freestyle ones!

  3. Gabriel Love this idea! A must do with my grand kids! Thanks! P.S. Great job writing the instructions and including the pics.

  4. you definitely are crafty to do this. My granddaughters get a granny who loves to walk and bike and they think it's neat that I sit on the floor with them. But crafty isn't something they associate with me :-)
    I love your stickers.


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