Friday, April 10, 2015


   Just considering the word relief is causing tension in my body. When I contemplate what brings relief I also think about what causes pain. Here is a small list.

  1. Bad alignment of my neck during exercise
  2. Burning my finger while cooking
  3. My heart breaking over a bad relationship
  4. Walking too long on arthritic knees
  5. Sitting too long at my computer (LOL)
   So if this list is pain then what would a list of relief look like?

  1. A massage from my kind husband
  2. Lavender essential oil on my burn
  3. Hope that change will improve my relationship
  4. Resting those knees
  5. Finishing this post (LOL)

   I belong to a Relief Society and as a women's organization we desire to bring relief to those we serve. Sometimes that means doing complicated things but most often it means a touch, a phone call, a smile, or a meal. I feel honored and relieved that these women serve well and without much thought to who knows of their service.


  1. Hoping you're able to find relief yourself for some of those things (I'm also suffering from an achey neck and the (horrible) effects of sitting too long at the computer). I am intrigued by your membership of a relief society.....I've never heard of anything similar before but it sounds like such a wonderful idea. What blessings it must bring to the people you serve. Have a lovely weekend! [Love that you used your collage art as a background for your 'relief' image: music and tea, are there two things that can bring more relief quicker?!]

  2. Helen, you are so quick to notice things. Thank-you for your comment.

  3. Love your perspective on the hurts and the helps. Like those five points! I pray you have relief today and in future days for yourself, and as you serve sweet. I'm on the food "relief" team at our church...just signed up. I experienced those blessings when we have been in need so look forward to sharing the same to other families. Have a lovely weekend. <3 jenn, FMF

  4. I like your awareness of pain along with an appropriate relief. It makes sense to connect relief with what makes us want relief. May you experience relief on many fronts.
    Your neighbor at FMF.

  5. Thanks for being part of that relief society. 😊


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