Friday, May 29, 2015


   Alex is a pianist. He has played the blues due to disappointment and frustration. Piano study gets hard and demanding, sometimes. When I play "the blues" everything seems hopeless and never-endingly difficult. No light at the end of the tunnel, no possibility of success.

  Here he is on a decidedly different day. How could he possibly get almost every pin in the webelos book. Every pin!  I wonder if this day was more emotionally saturated or the day he wouldn't play another note? My sneaking suspicion is that the blues feel deeper than the joy. I may be wrong. Is it in our mortal DNA to let the blues infiltrate our every cell? Can we let our joy fill us equally full?

      I would like to hold space for that desire. Today I felt that joy creeping up my spine and I wanted to bottle the feeling. Breathe deep! Breathe the blues away!

I write on Fridays with a large group who inspire me. Only five minutes and without much thought to perfection. I write, prompted by one word that sends my thoughts to the keyboard and hopefully make sense.


  1. Oh what a great post. Great job he is doing. Sometimes we all 'play the Blues'. What a perfect post.
    Thanks for coming by and seeing me too. It was nice to meet you.

  2. Lovely words and thoughts. I do feel the tension - it's almost like the wider the chasm between our highs and lows, the more space we have to live in. I wouldn't do without either extreme.

  3. Beautiful post, loved it. I agree that it's easier to feel blue than joy but when we train ourselves for joy, it becomes easier to sustain that for longer. {So glad you had a joy-full day!}'s to breathing the blues away!

  4. I often wonder why I feel the blues more deeply than the joy. It's a conundrum. 😊


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