Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Online Learning

  Following three online classes during 2015 is challenging. However the content from class to class is related. If I were to generalize the main idea of each class it would be the topic of  experiencing life fully.

 Monica Sabolla Gruppo has caused me to think about the home I inhabit. Looking around I see things and I see stuff.

    Things are lovely art, colorful dishes made by hands I really know, and cozy corners that welcome my meditative stillness. Stuff is not pictured here on this blog because I find stuff creeping up on my radar and I want to simplify my home by letting stuff go. With the things I care about I'd like to make added beauty. One example os sorting books by color. The effect is noticeable. 

    Monica has challenged me to keep a physical gratefulness diary. I found a sweet one in a recent Flow Magazine.

   One Little Word, a class aimed at choosing a word and making it visible in your life, is "in progress".
My word is available all around me and I see new found insights related to this word.

   Flora Bowley's Bloom True E-Course started June 1, 2015. It is an ambitious attempt at becoming even more persistent in painting and drawing. There is material everyday and the assignments are wonderful.

    I have four canvases under construction. That sounds a little bit weird. I will be adding more layers so what you see here may look very different later.

  The above is my warm color  canvas. A woman appeared there and she may be covered over at some point. I do like the freshness of the colors.

   The cool color canvas is beginning a keyboard, of sorts. I wonder if that will stay. Flora's process is not unlike KellyRae Robert's. Both classes force me to stay unattached which is difficult. These classes add zip to my life and give me a great deal to look forward to.

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