Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Start To Finish

Attention Please!   
Tomorrow I'm reposting a favorite story of an art project from last year. This repost is part of Seth Apter's Buried Treasure Day. Think of all the great posts that are hidden in the archives of our blogs. You can connect to other artists right here tomorrow and go on a treasure hunt with me.  

Now On to My Latest Project

 Intuitive Painting can be exhilarating or frustrating depending on the level of trust in the process. I show here my latest painting from just marks on a canvas to defining an image and finally developing a composition. I saw the teepee first in a triangle shape on the left side. When I committed to that I felt the desire to paint a canoe in a similar way Veronica Funk brings Northwestern Art to life. The trees emerged from the background and I conceived of the pathway to The After Life going off the painting on the right. Narrative in the images is not new to my art. I have a narrative to many paintings. The narrative is always very personal and makes the painting very dear to my heart.
     I will do more intuitive painting. It is now a tool I have in my back pocket. The tool has not been tested over time but it is precious and I will care for it as a pathway of expression.

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  1. Fascinating post, pleased you re-posted it and that I had a little spare time today (between crazy work schedule and my littles' school holidays!) to come over and read......I have mentally filed the technique (and bookmarked your post) to come back to when I have a little more time: it sounds like a really great idea for stimulating expression! Thank you! [Hoping to get back to blogging next week: have been missing FMF and your blog!]....hope you're well. Helen xx


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