Monday, August 10, 2015

Blazing Needles

   I love avoiding malls and visiting small businesses nestled among the natives. One of my favorites in Salt Lake City is Blazing Needles in the Sugarhouse area. This is more than a yarn shop; it is an social pause in your day. 

   The yarns are exquisite and the help is exact and vastly knowledgeable. 

   If you come in without a project you can leave with one just right for your ability. If you bring your project with you they will assist your process and give you a place to work until you feel like you can continue on your own.

     Come sit down at the project table. Take a deep breath. Have a cup of herbal tea and just be. I had two hours of bliss while my daughter talked shop with the owner. It was a highlight of my trip.

    On the car drive home I started this poncho. Each evening I sit and crochet away the stress of my day. 

    I intend to finish by September or sooner and wear this handwork through the Fall and Winter.

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