Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Thanksgiving Point Gardens

      Completely ignorant of the beauty I would encounter, I set off for Lehi, Utah to explore the gardens at Thanksgiving Point with my family.

I have visited Buchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada and they are fantastic, but these gardens, though smaller in scale are equal in whimsical beauty.

There are breathtaking vistas. 

                        Colorful bouquets of surprising hues were at our feet and in front of our eyes.

                        Metal installations added shine and texture as they imitated the natural flowers.

                    New species, to me, some delicate some more robust waved me over to their bed.

      There were small pools and waterfalls to delight our children, but always reminiscent of gardens in other settings.

                               The carousel garden had metal horses prancing around and around.

    When we say "flower bed" I now have a visual to illustrate that description. Maybe this was even a feather bed.

      The children were excited about the "Secret Garden". As we came through the dark corridor of vines swirling around trellises we entered through the gate into a enclosed oasis.

                         The artists who designed this paradise are to be praised and applauded!

    The Monet-like waterlilies were my favorite and I watch the light glisten and dance on each lily and then spark the water to capture more fire. I'll certainly come again.

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  1. I love all the pictures. Wish I could have gone too. I have not been to the gardens.


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