Saturday, August 1, 2015


 I'm trying to write today without using my laptop and only my I-Pad. Pictures don't load on this device so my words must suffice.
   Trying to connect this week has been a primary goal. I visited family and had long meaningful discussions. A highlight was meeting with a family that took care of my beloved aunt the years and months before she died. They were such good stewards of her land. What I learned from my visit is that they were so very loving and still hold her memory sacred. I felt that her natural family could learn from their devotion.
   A touching story was told by one of the daughters. She lived in my aunt's house after her death. The move from their old home was unwelcome for this teenage girl. Throwing her shoes angrily into her new closet, she became aware of a presence in the room. She felt it was my uncle, long passed away. He seemed to communicate with her the assurance that this home was a sacred place to my aunt and uncle. He admonished her to be at peace and value her opportunity to stay there.
  The Nielson Family taught me to remember and honor my family. Making a yearly visit is a way I try to accomplish that goal.

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