Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Make a Writing Plan

This is a first for me. I am making a writing plan, primarily for my blog. Here are some writing projects I'd like to finish before the year is over. 

1. Write a story about my experiences facilitating art for my grandchildren. 

Audience: Anyone who cares about art as a means of integrating emotions and finding a creative path to wholeheartedness.
Premise: I had almost two years of once a week time to have five grandchildren ages 5-14 in my home to explore art. It started as a means to keep them occupied as I was watching them while their parents had appointments in town. The outcome was amazing both in how we learned to connect but also in how they learned to see themselves as artistic people.
Where to Publish: I'm not so sure about what magazine might be interested in this subject. I thought of Bella Grace but the piece will dictate where it might need to go.

  1. Art calms the charged up mind.
  2. We use art supplies differently.
  3. Art teaches observation.
  4. Making art is vulnerable. 
  5. Being creative is a learned self-definition.

2. Write about my strong response to Brené Brown's new book, "Rising Strong".

Audience: A growing number of people who are hearing of her work and wonder what the hype is all about.

Premise: As a Christian I wonder not so much about the why questions in the gospel but about the how questions. Dr, Brown, a Christian herself, has become a spokesperson for individuals who desire wholeheartedness. I would like to share in several posts the things I've learned and how they make me what to be more wholly his.

Where to Publish: This work will go on my blog. I have Pinterest friends who visit now and then to read what I think of Dr. Brown's books. I would love to have input by other readers and hope my writing cousins might weigh in on what they think.

  1. We can rise up stronger in our pursuit of wholeheartedness.
  2. Instead of off-loading emotions we can learn to integrate them into our daily life.
  3. We all tell stories about our struggles. They don't need to be factual but they do need to feel certain. Becoming more honest in our inner stories invites revelation from the Holy Ghost and helps us feel more humble.
  4. There comes a time when an emotional experience must be reckoned with. At that point we must rumble with feelings, sorting out which are real and which we have confabulated. It is truly a revolution to come out of the swamp of crippling emotional setbacks to Rise Strong into becoming a wholehearted individual.

   These two projects are immensely interesting to me and I am writing copy in my head all the time. Getting them on paper is my goal.

"Practice what you know, and it will help to make clear what now you do not know."
      Russ Ramsey

 I am joining fellow writers on Kate Motaung's blog who are doing a bi-weekly online discussion group.We are using On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits For A Writing Life That Lasts by Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig. I am personally reading Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg as inspiration.


  1. Well I love BOTH of your goals and hope to follow as you flesh them out. I've been a hobby art/crafter since I was a kid and have enjoyed the few times I can interest our granddaughter. And I'm a huge fan of Brene Brown. I took the online course, The Gifts of Imperfection, a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've watched her Ted Talk and am anxious to read her new book. Again, I want to follow along as you share your insights.

    1. Thank-you, Debby. I will try to be accountable to my own plans.

  2. Oh Gabriele, I love that you have such well defined and attainable goals. Well done you. I'll definitely also be following along as you flesh these ideas out (as you know!) how you note that "Being creative is a learned self-definition".....I definitely think there's a mountain of things that could be written about just that point (you have such an enviable knack of distilling complex thoughts in such an elegant manner!).

    1. Thank-you, Helen. Deep breath......I can do this.

  3. Gabriele, how neat! Especially the topic of art I'm just discovering my artist side :) I'm not familiar with Brene Brown, but I'm curious. I'll have to go research now. I have several other fleeting topics, or ideas to write about, they get written on notecards or on my phone, or a slip of paper here or there. But that plan is put aside for now. Funny your comment above; I've been telling myself to breath a lot quite often lately. If i don't I might just stop. This is getting crazy out of hand. HA maybe we'll BOTH end up writing a book :)

    1. Christy, we have had the inspiration now on with it.

  4. Those sound fascinating! The first one...I wonder if a home educator magazine would like that article? It would be helpful for the parent-educator and also provide vision for how a grandparent can provide creative inspiration and support. Here's one (they pay a little bit) and here's another (I can't tell if they pay or not)

    I think you bring unique perspective to the world, so make those plans!

  5. I think both of your plans sound great too! I was only introduced to Brene Brown recently and have just started reading "Daring Greatly." I'll be interested to hear about "Rising Strong" too and I love the picture inspired by the book.

    1. It might be weird talking about shame and vulnerability but we all feel it so we might as well understand it.

  6. Great goals! Your list inspires me.


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