Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 Favorite Blog Posts

Today I join with the Five Minute Friday Writers today to share favorite blog posts. 

I want to share some impacting posts from bloggers who have a large following and from bloggers who may only be known to a few. 
The first is a post about reading, by Steve Curry , and it's vitality accompanied with pictures from all over the world. I love his photography and this subject made my heart delight.

Diane Schuller is another photographer I love. She is a warm, interesting person who lives in Canada. In this post she includes a video about murmuration, a phenomenon associated with birds and the way they travel. I watched it over an over.

I follow many artists and this year I loved the posts of Susan Branch. I love how she makes me feel about life. Her watercolors influence my weak attempts to illustrate.

Veronica Funk, another Canadian blogger, is an exquisite artist. Her canoes and tipis influence my art. In this post she shared a tour of her studio. Don't you just love to peek into an artist's private space?

    In October I joined the challenge to write for 31 Days and discovered a wonderful writer named Carly Benson. Her subject was difficult and she wrote with such grace and faith. I cherished reading her posts everyday.

I could share so many good posts and I have limited myself to just a few. Jennifer Farnes is a writer, published in Bella Grace Magazine, who I love reading. She is also my friend and I can tell you that she is who she presents herself to be. She gifted me the word Ribbistrate this year by sharing it with me and encouraging me to pay more attention to the magic of words. Here is her blog post about words that I loved.

   My favorite adventure in blogging just came to an end. I decided to blog for 24 days about my Savior Jesus Christ. I explored his title and names and came away with a stronger love for him. I include the first post as an example of the whole blogging banquet.

             Happy blogging into 2016! For me it has been five years of growing and learning. 


  1. Thanks for linking to my post here, Gabriele. I enjoyed having a look at some of the other links too- great selection and variety of posts.

    1. Thanks, Carly. I love the variety of people I meet.

  2. Five years! How has your blog changed over the years?

    1. I have better photography, writing skills, and content. I learn from others who blog.

  3. What beautiful photography and artwork! So glad you shared and linked up! Happy New Year to you!


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