Thursday, April 21, 2016

Writing For Others

                    "We are wired for telling stories."

   There are writers out there in Blog Land who draw me in and hold me captive. They speak with a voice that rings true and clear. Helen is such a writer. I met her while writing with the Five Minute Friday crowd. She has a Wednesday series on Contentment. I was a guest contributor yesterday. Check out I Will Bloom.


  1. So sweet, Gabriele (I'd popped across to see if you'd posted your FMF yet!) sweet of you (brought a tear to my eye). Your art work resonates deeply with me: when people insist there are two versions of one truth, it's sometimes best to let them sit, apart, in the knowledge that they believe it's 'time for stories'...I'll hold your painting in my mind's eye as I continue through my trials....and I know it'll mindfully draw me back to my place of peace. THANK YOU.....Helen xxx P.S. Hoping I *can* leave this comment...they keep getting eaten...

    1. You were successful! Thank-you and I hope you are mending,


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