Friday, September 23, 2016

Five Siblings

"You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."

- Desmond Tutu

 The number five always brings me to the children I birthed and labored with through their lives. I continue to labor alongside them as they find their place in this life and as they raise new little siblings to populate their own homes.
    I can't help but see them as little boys and girls. Even though only a fourth of their existence was spent in childhood they are imprinted on my soul as little ones. I was barely out of the "little ones" category when I started the journey as mother. These human beings made me grow up, over and over again.

    I remember how they all slept together in one bed even though we had bedrooms a plenty. They mothered each other and fought against each other more than I liked. I failed to understand that my love alone could not make them love each other more. Nothing makes me happier than when they orchestrate time together, even though I get miffed that it doesn't always include me.
   I always think I know them but then they reveal events that happened under my nose. I am appalled! Who was watching these children? Truth be told, they are not entirely mine. They were gifted to me by their Father and Mother who have the amazing capacity to see their whole potential, their whole being in the present, and who remember them in the past as beloved heavenly children.
  I am grateful. When they bestow their love on me I am moved to love them even more.

      Join me in October for 31 Days of Writing-
 Stories of Island Living

  Almost 30 years ago we decided to move to an island. Technically England is an island but our island is very small by comparison. 

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  1. Hello BusyB,
    I am your neighbor at 5minfri.
    I am one of five and my husband and I now have four daughters {and no we are not trying for five to get a boy!}. I so enjoyed your post about children and family and memories. My oldest started high school this month and I am feeling and seeing the truth that the point of raising children is to release them.

  2. Oh how I love your cadence through the lives of your children. :) Going through parenting is hard, painful sometimes, and true work at the moment- but looking back it is a birthing of something so glorious - much like childbirth. :) You have a beautiful family! And your lifetime of love radiates in their smiles.

  3. I have four children. One is away at college, and I am am adjusting to having five of us as home. It's amazing how short of a time children are at home growing up but continue to live in our hearts no matter how old they get. (I am fresh into the game of having an adult child, but my heart still swells with four children nestled in there from the day they were born.) I have many years before all of them are grown, but I am aware that the time will be gone in a flash.

    I'm visiting from FMF.

  4. That's a great photo of your children. Your 31 Days series sounds interesting too.

  5. What a beautiful recollection of your family and the gift God has given you. Can't wait to read more of island life too!

  6. This: "These human beings made me grow up, over and over again." Beautiful family and wonderful post--thank you!


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