Friday, November 18, 2016

Enjoy- What Makes A Day Enjoyable

"It was my interest in happiness that led me to the subject of habits, and of course, the study of habits is really the study of happiness. Habits are the invisible architecture of everyday life, and a significant element of happiness. "
Gretchen Rubin

     After many weeks of pondering what made me happy I  decided years ago that there are six habits that add to my happiness. An enjoyable day is one where all or most of these habits have taken place. Conversely, a bad day usually means I did not practice enough of these six habits and I am feeling a lack. 

  1. Prayer
  2. Gospel Study
  3. Movement
  4. Nourishing Eating
  5. Creative pursuits
  6. Service

These habits invite me to face inward and outward. They balance my need to be contemplative and other oriented. They nourish my soul and help me see others needs, as well as my own. 

  All six of these habits require daily intention. Maybe that means they are not habitual yet. If left to my slovenly ways I would do none of them. That would require little effort but make my least enjoyable day. Why do we resist the very practices that make us happiest? I think it is the nature of mortality. 

 I have been writing with the Five Minute Friday Group for two years and I really enjoy the talented writers who share their work. Would you like to join? 


  1. I love how you identify these 6 habits that lead to happiness. I agree these are all important and there is a need to be intentional about putting them into practice. I like the pictures too!

  2. Thanks Lesley. Your opinion is always valued.


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