Monday, April 24, 2017

Nurturing Reality- Problem Solving

I would always choose a life without problems

       Friday started out to be a glorious day. I wanted to see the sunrise. As the light was just coming over the horizon I jumped out of the car to catch the glow on camera. After some minutes of feeling nurtured I returned to the car to find the keys locked inside. I think I walked around the car three times before I allowed reality to fully permiate my mind. 


I am nurturing reality this month. What a perfect  exercise. Too far to walk home, I called my daughter for a ride. She was not thrilled to be a awakened at 6:00 am. Once back home I started problem solving. I could call AAA and renew my membership and then they would come unlock my car. But, earlier in the week my account was hacked at Amazon and so I canceled my credit card. I called my husband to get the info on his card but he was not available for a while. I was curious how my mind kept going to the place of not believing that this happened. A wash of shame interfered with my ability to take the next step. How could I let this happen? Eventually all resolved itself and to my shock it was only 8:00 am. In a short amount of time the world was right again. The perception of my reality changed several times in two hours. 

Can I nurture the resilient spirit within me to stay centered on what is now and let go the craving for all to be well?

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  1. When I find things like this happening in my life I am very hard on myself, much harder than I would be on someone else. That was a lesson I learned in our self-compassion class. Good thing you were using your phone as a camera!


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