Friday, March 23, 2018


The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious.
Marcus Aurelius

Dear Writer Friends,
She time ago, longer than I thought, I joined FMF to take an online writing class from Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig. We read their book On Being A Writer together. I still read the blogs of those of you who took the class. You are still writing which means you have a routine in your life that includes the written word. If there was one thing that I have treasured up in my study it was to arrange my life so I can write a little bit every day. Now that is obvious.

What wasn't so obvious was the importance of place. I write in two places; on the couch, with my computer on my lap or at the kitchen table. I installed a lamp that casts a soft glow on the space, which I really love. The space must call out to you. Come, come tell your story (w)right here. My routine for starting "the write" is to make some tea, stash a small snack near by, and open my computer to the Scriverner App. The app alone makes me feel like a professional. Thank you Kate Motaung for the suggestion.
"These rituals create space and rhythm"
On Being A Writer

A piano teacher is found dead and a lost autograph manuscript of Franz Liszt is discovered. Who wanted that document enough to kill? 


  1. I'm so glad we connected through that book study! That is definitely what helped me to get into the routine of writing too, and I enjoyed reading more here about your writing routine.

  2. I have been reading the book again. I am trying to build courage to send my book out into the world.

  3. I'm so glad to have taken that course too. I met some awesome other bloggers through that class. You and I were thinking along similar lines today. I'm in the 45 spot this week.


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