Friday, May 11, 2018


           What Was Included In This Package?

   I teach music to every grandchild that is willing. Consequently nine grandchildren see me weekly for some kind of music lesson. In the fall I volunteered to teach a pre-school music class at my son's house once a week for his 3 year old twins. I asked him to find a couple of other kids who might chip in to pay a small tuition fee. In this project I would need to pull out my old class lesson plans, I taught Music and Movement to toddlers for ten years, my musical props and instruments, and remember songs and finger plays I once had memorized.

Included in this project package would be remembering the energy I once had when this was a part-time job. 

   What I didn't quite remember from classes in the past was a special ingredient which was included every week. I remembered all that I would give to them but forgot how much they would give to me. These three little people really know how to love. Their love lifted and nurtured me more than I can say. 
I love you.


We used this song as a lullaby last week.

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  1. Your class sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you feel like you have benefitted from it too!

  2. So sweet. I did a class with my preschooler last year. Just participating in it has helped me make up jingles and have musical fun in our every day life. Music is awesome!

  3. What a wonderful gift you are giving your grandchildren!

  4. What a special time - for you and for your grandchildren! I know they love it!!


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