Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Writing Wednesday- The Beginning Of Gymnopédie

Erik Satie, French composer, born in Honfleur in 1866, died in 1925, described himself as a 'gymnopédiste' instead of a composer.

The music of Satie has captured the heart of a teenage boy who has walked through the privileged door of classical music because his mother was given an old upright piano. Along with his love for music he has a love for acrobatics. The Boys Club in his town received a grant to buy acrobatic equipment and for years he has spent his summers learning to swing on the bars, do cartwheels on the mats, and his favorite, walk the wire. Somehow the music of Satie has become the soundtrack to his feats of daring. One morning he and his friend attempt to do what they have never done before.

Experience is a form of paralysis.
Erik Satie

Miquel, his black hair matted with perspiration, woke up anxious. This morning he would walk the wire. He got up slowly and pulled on his tight sweat pants and sleeveless tee shirt. He made sure his phone and slippers were in his backpack. His hand felt deep inside to check for the pliers, wire-cutters, and snack. He didn’t know how this day would end. Jorge was due with his father’s truck any minute. He let himself out of the back door making sure there was no sound. The only sound came from inside his own head. Down, up, up, the lilting dance rhythm of  Satie’s Gymnopodie No. 1 circled around his conscious mind. After his wire walk today he would describe himself as a Gymnopédist.

Chapter one is here.......


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