Friday, July 6, 2018


How does one vacate one's normal, everyday life?

The weeks that I take a vacation from my normal life of being a piano teacher, I do things a bit differently.

  • I cook and have dinner at a reasonable time
  • I go out around town during the hours of 3:00pm and 6:30pm
  • My husband can sit down in the living room during the afternoon
  • I don't look for inexpensive rewards at dollar stores
  • I stop vacuuming the living room everyday
  • The piano gets dusty
  • The stacks of music get put away on the piano

By the time my vacation weeks are up I long for the routines I have during the year. I long to greet little faces at my door and I long to hear their music.

  To vacate our routines is healthy and creates a longing for the life of normal, the life of everyday.


  1. Yes! Vacation time is sweet but I too appreciate the return to routine when they are over.

  2. Isn't it funny - how we find ourselves longing for the routine...the every day normal that seems so - well, routine - after we have "vacationed" for just a bit!!? I like the break but love the return to everyday!


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