Rubato- A Novel Of Musical Intrigue

A riveting murder mystery about a morally compromised woman’s resolve to protect her musical discovery.



His mother mounted the stairs tentatively but determined to solve the mystery. Jon waited at the bottom. When his mother disappeared down the hall, the strange feeling he felt at the piano started a slow boil in the pit of his stomach making him feel sick. 
     “Judith?” His mother’s voice faltered. “Jon, something is wrong. Stay downstairs. I’m calling the police.”

Where did the Franz Liszt Autograph Manuscript come from and who had it last?

        Chapter 1
   Chapter 2 
   Chapter 3
   Chapter 4
   Chapter 5 
   Chapter 6
   Chapter 7
      Chapter 8
     Chapter 9
     Chapter 10
     Chapter 11
   Chapter 12
   Chapter 13
     Chapter 14
     Chapter 15 
   Chapter 16-*
   Chapter 17
   Chapter 18
   Chapter 19
   Chapter 20
   Chapter 21
   Chapter 22
      Chapter 23
   **********************************The End***********************

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