Saturday, January 21, 2012

Creating a Happy Space

    Over the years I have watched my children decorate and arrange their rooms at home, at college, and then their own homes as they established themselves.

   My Knitting Queen gave permission to show off her eclectic style. Her favorite things are given special homes for display. Books and yarn are essential to her happiness.

There is a definite fondness for twinkle lights which I share, too. I don't understand the need to relegate these sweet sparkles to Christmas. 

   One must have accessory for The Knitting Queen is the scarf. Her long graceful neck loves to be wrapped in color and texture. She has every length and every hue.

If you happen to have a long, graceful neck you may also love earrings. Little dangles that bounce.

   The ceiling is covered with fabric so when I lay on the floor I am greeted with soulful eyes.

   The adults who once were my children are endlessly interesting and amazingly unpredictable. I am a guest in their homes and an observer in their lives. I hope they let me pop in now and then forever.

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