Friday, December 21, 2018


With Wondering Awe

I can't believe it was 21 days ago that we started this month of expectations and celebrations. This has been a month of some sadnesses. Nothing life changing. Nonetheless, I have cried a bit that I couldn't make Christmas magical enough for those I love. I am under the delusion that what I do makes a big difference. So, with wondering awe I am brought to my knees, again, to realize that the only being who makes a monumental difference is Jesus Christ.

If I haven't pointed my friends and family towards him then I've really missed the Christmas magic entirely. 

My paper whites are about to bloom and I'm anticipating their fragrance. My love for my Savior is blooming on this dark winter day, the shortest day of the year with the promise of more daylight ahead, everyday.

Friday, December 14, 2018


Creativity brings a stillness to your soul

When the season becomes hectic bring beauty to the table 

I'm not talking about the dinner table, I'm talking about about a creativity board to enliven your senses.

Bring in some things from outside like the blooms off my winter Rhododendron bush, a sprig of holly, some acorns, a cone, and withering foliage from another bush.

Add some color and your favorite word.

  Lastly, bring in some stripes and a succulent with terrific texture and voila, you have a gathering to delight the senses. Today is the 14th of December and very soon the days will start getting longer. 

A creativity board always bring stillness.

I should give credit to Philippa Stanton of Brighton England who inspires me to be consciously creative everyday.