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March 1017

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From Without And From Within

October 2016

Roots And Wings

October 2016

September 2016
Work On The Windowsill

Resting Place (2016)

Choose Wisdom (2016)

The Dawnsong

A Meditation Mantra (2016)

Botanical Inklings drawn by Sarah Mo on watercolor paper and watercolored by me.

Four Mini canvases place together as a continuous painting.
December 2015

This painting was the first finished work while enjoying Flora Bowley's Studio Diaries 
in November 2015.

From Flora Bowley's Online Art Class
Summer 1015

January 2015
New addition to the music theme

December 2014 Art Show at Vashon Intuitive Arts Center
New pieces just for that show

Starting September 2014 I ventured into watercolor. 


These are panels started February 2014, with the most current first.


  1. Your creations are just inspiring! I love layers, collages, textures -- you've done them all. I'm inspired to get to work on some new creations.

  2. Wow. Just wow. There is so much beauty and talent here. Do you sell these, or make them for your own enjoyment?

    1. Thanks, Andrea. I have sold a few and am constantly trying to improve my skills.


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